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"Our Vision is a world where all kids are safe from sexual abuse and childhood trauma."

For over thirteen years, KidSafe has been making children harder targets for sexual abuse, exploitation, and human trafficking.  Childhood trauma—without resiliency skills—causes lifelong health issues, both behavioral and physical.  The CDC estimates that the lifetime treatment of one year of confirmed cases of child maltreatment costs approximately $124 billion. KidSafe has educated over 60,000 children with onsite education and safety education books, and has taught over 30,000 grown-ups how to keep their kids safe.


Children who are educated at school, at after-care, and at home about their personal safety are more empowered to report when they feel “uncomfortable” thereby preventing sexual abuse or a continuous cycle of abuse and a lifetime of health issues.  We are all the vanguards of children’s safety.  When we can comfortably discuss personal safety and child sexual abuse prevention, our children gain the confidence and support necessary to stay safe.


Empowered children become powerful adults!

Our Mission

The KidSafe mission is to teach personal safety to children and their grown-ups to build strong, resilient families and safer communities.

Why KidSafe?

100 Classrooms

1,800 Children Directly Educated

3,488 My Body is Special and Belongs to Me book

3.068 Jack Teaches His Friends to be KidSafe book

2,098 KidSafe Activity Book

1,160 KidSafe Family Guidebook


9,814 Total Reach to Children and Families


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Management Team

Laura Askowitz

Chief Executive Officer

As KidSafe’s CEO, Laura gets to use her marketing and HR background to work on her true passion: Childhood trauma and resiliency. She is thrilled to be leading a team working toward the goal of safety education to as many children and adults as possible. Having spent years providing organizational tutoring to children, Laura firmly believes the right strategic plan and tools can save the world. When she’s not working on promoting child safety, you can find her with her daughter watching old movies and reading history books.

Cherie Benjoseph MSW, LCSW

Co-founder, Child Safety Expert

Cherie’s personal mission is to keep children safe and help them develop into healthy, productive adults. Since co-founding KidSafe in 2009 with Sally Berenzweig, she has designed relevant, evidence-based programming that teaches children—and their grown-ups—personal safety. Working alongside community leaders on the ever-changing issues around protecting children, Cherie ensures KidSafe programming matches changing trends to help strengthen families and communities with impactful social-emotional learning. Cherie received her master’s degree in social work from Boston University, and when not actively championing for kid safety, she enjoys yoga, working with clay and traveling with her family.

Cherie Benjoseph

Elysse Dion

Director of Programs

Elysse is responsible for coordinating educational programs throughout the year. Prior to joining KidSafe, Elysse—a tireless advocate for kids—remained involved in the community by serving on her sons’ school PTA,  as president of their recreation flag football league and  a member of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School lacrosse club. When she’s not cheering on the New York Giants, Elysse and her family spend time volunteering, participating in her sons’ sports and traveling to new destinations.

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