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From the Pricing page, click Add to Cart next to the grade (s) you want to purchase. If you are purchasing all grades (k – 5) please select bundle to receive discount, $300.

Yes. If you would like to purchase Grades Kindergarten through 5th, please select the bundle, you will receive a $300 discount. Otherwise you can add individual grade be clicking Add to Cart net to the grade level.

On the Pricing page you will click add to cart next to grade. View cart will show the grade you selected. Proceed to checkout. Above the billing details you will click on “click here to enter your code”. Enter code in the box and click Apply Code. Fill out your information to create your account and Place Order.

You should receive an email with your username(email address) and password. Click on Login and enter username (email address) and password.

From the My Account drop down arrow, next to KidSafe heart icon or the All Courses page will show Access Course for grade (s) you can access.

The best way is for 1 contact person, maybe the school counselor, purchases grade (s). Then upload csv file into Group Dashboard so staff will be registered.


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