Training Overview

Welcome to the KidSafe Training for School Resource Officers (SROs). SROs have many responsibilities, including recognizing and responding to a child in crisis. This training will address a specific type of childhood crisis—child sexual abuse.  

Trigger warning:  Learning about child sexual abuse can be uncomfortable and at times unsettling. It is possible (and even likely) that one of you has been a victim of abuse.  If the material in this training stirs up difficult emotions and memories, please take whatever breaks you may require. Your safety and well-being are absolute priorities for us. 

Training Goals Why does an SRO need to learn about child sexual abuse?

1.To raise awareness of the pervasiveness and long-term impact of sexual abuse.

2.To learn how to recognize a child being sexually abused – including the grooming process.

3.To learn how to respond to an instance of sexual abuse. How to report? What to say? What to do? 

4.To explore how SROs can prevent sexual abuse in their settings. How to recognize a predator in your midst? 

5.To broaden our thinking when we encounter a difficult-to-manage kid. Why else might he/she be behaving in such a way? 

6.To promote SRO self-awareness and sensitivity to their own experience and internalized biases. 

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